Get the most money for your home!

As a Real Estate Agency that works strictly with builders, we 

have the capability to bring you multiple offers and you get to choose the highest offer. Every deal is all cash which makes for a fast closing.

Our process is simple! We bring the builders, you get the offers, you pick the highest one!!!

From our customers

"I got a great price for my home, the builder closed very quick and I got to retire down south faster than I thought. I would definitely recommend Modern Nest" 

-John Tempadino

"Modern Nest Real Estate did a fantastic job. They did exactly what they said they would, they sent builders to my home and received offers. I picked the highest one and they closed in a month"

-Judy Hemworth

"I have to say I am very pleased with Modern Nest, I received multiple offers on my home and got more than I expected" 

-Lisa Gold